"My daughter has OCD and has tried other doctors in the past but with only limited success.  Unlike with previous doctors, with Dr. Jeanine my daughter was able to open up and connect with her in a way where my daughter didn’t feel the stigma of mental illness or like a subject under the spotlight.  Instead, my teen felt as if she had a friend on her side who understands her and was fighting for her success.  We came to Dr. Jeanine for help when things seemed to be crumbling down.  My daughter was trying to deal with adolescence, high school rigor, competitive sports and OCD (which was approaching a severe level).  Thankfully with her experience over a variety of clinical issues, Dr. Jeanine was able to break things down and help my daughter understand and manage her feelings.  Dr. Jeanine helped my daughter to distinguish what she could and couldn’t control.  With each visit, my daughter would come home empowered with another strategy to battle the difficulties she was facing.
It’s a lot of work.  Having OCD never really goes away but there are ways to keep it in check.  Dr. Jeanine has been such a wonderful, helpful and supportive doctor for our family.  We are glad that our daughter has a resource she can turn to when life gets tough!  Thank you Dr. Jeanine!"
-Appreciative Family

"With a history of Anorexia Nervosa, I have worked with Jeanine from adolescence to young adulthood to improve my relationship with food and my body. Jeanine is by far my favorite therapist and I have seen quite a few over the years. I most appreciate Jeanine’s ability to hold hope for me when I am struggling to do so for myself.”
- Sara, Age 24

“Jeanine’s warmth and ability to help my family fashion firm, loving boundaries has given us an incredible experience of therapy.  Her compassion in holding a space for the heavy and heartbreaking of our family gave us a place to create healing and happiness.  Jeanine’s dynamic openness to the collaborative process of family and therapist makes her GOLDEN in a field of tried and tried old school thinking.  Her ability to nurture an authentic relationship with your child(ren) makes her a treasure.  I am so grateful for the accompaniment Jeanine has provided our family.”
- Thank Full Mom

"Jeanine has helped me through the struggles and despair of depression and anxiety throughout my adolescence. She has guided me in ways that I did not even know I needed guiding for. When I first started seeing her, I was very apprehensive to seeking therapy (as I had never been before), but she made me feel so welcomed and accepted. Being a teenager and in high school, I had a lot to deal with, and even if my problems were small in retrospect, Jeanine always made me feel listened to and that was exactly what I needed. As I have gotten older, I have started to realize that because of Jeanine, I have been able to conquer the issues inside of my head. I am now in college living a very healthy life, and because of Jeanine's coping skills, kindness, and mentorship, I am (gratefully) able to say that I am depression and anxiety free. There is no other therapist out there like Jeanine, and I think that her other patients can agree too."

​- Christina

"When I first started looking for a therapist, I never dreamt I’d find someone as compassionate, knowledgeable and dedicated as Jeanine. Before our first meeting, I was very concerned about feeling comfortable enough to build a rapport with her. However, the moment I walked through the suite door, she came out of her office and greeted me with a big smile. I felt immediate relief! Her warm, optimistic energy put me at ease. She is nonjudgmental and very trustworthy, which makes it easy to loosen up and have open, honest conversations. I am forever grateful for all she has done for me. No words can accurately convey the impact my therapy with Jeanine had on my life. She helped me navigate a really rough patch in my life, and gave me tools to deal with emotional distress without therapy."

- ​Katie, Age 25

"Jeanine has been one of the biggest blessings in my life.  She has stepped into my life and immediately took it upon herself to provide hope and unconditional care.  Jeanine is authentic, loving, kind, intelligent, and empathetic.  I for once in my life feel like I can work through my struggles because I know she will be right next to me.  I do not only see Jeanine as my therapist but as part of my PRIDE.  I hope and pray that everyone can have and find a Jeanine in their lives."

- Amy B.

"We were looking for a male therapist for our 14 year old son with ADHD who was struggling in school and needed some guidance to make better choices in some of his relationships and activities.  Fortunately we received some good advice that the fit and qualifications of the therapist are more important than the gender.  We scheduled an appointment with Dr. Jeanine and a year and a half  later our son is doing very well in all of the areas where we were concerned.  He has developed his interests into a career goal and is learning to see school as a necessary part of the process to get where he wants to go.  With her warm and helpful approach, keen intuition and natural ability to connect with teenagers, Dr. Jeanine has a unique ability to help her clients better understand themselves in relation to others.  This includes learning to value themselves more for who they are, to better understand the impact of their actions on others (no small feat) and to take positive, concrete steps toward realizing their goals. 
Dr. Jeanine takes a direct approach when coaching parents by helping us to acknowledge serious issues in our child’s life without becoming distracted by fear, and then confidently taking the steps that will be most effective in helping our teen make better decisions.  She also understands how parents’ own issues can affect their children. She helps parents better understand where they can focus their efforts in managing their own issues. 
We very much appreciate Dr. Jeanine and the ways she has helped our family." 
- Grateful Parents of a 15 year old

"Dr. Jeanine saved our daughter's life.  She was highly recommended to us by our daughter's pediatrician after our daughter was diagnosed with an eating disorder.  Dr. Jeanine is dedicated, knowledgeable, compassionate and caring. Our daughter immediately connected with her and looked forward to her sessions.  Our daughter also was diagnosed with OCD and Dr. Jeanine gave her the tools to manage stressful situations, anxiety and OCD.  We also did family sessions and they helped us understand what our daughter was going through and brought us closer together.  We are so grateful for Dr. Jeanine!"

- Grateful Family of a Teenage Girl

"Dr. Jeanine - She is the warm smile you needed, the safe space supplier, the self care supporter, and the holder of hope when you doubt there is any hope to be had. She is the seer of strengths, she will help you spot yours because in her eyes she already sees them. She is the promoter of peace with your body and food because believes you deserve understanding and kindness and to feel good as you are. She will ask you hard questions and hold space for you to muddle through the muck. But of all the things she is and does, Dr. Jeanine gives her heart as the helper and healer of your humanness. If your struggling, starving, stuffing, or sinking she will help you find self compassion and support you as you move beyond the overwhelm with whatever that looks like for you. It’s difficult to do her justice and what the experience is like with just words... However, I can share that sitting with Dr. Jeanine feels like being seen, heard and held exactly as you didn’t know you really needed!"

​- Struggling Mom of Littles

​​"When my 15 year old daughter came to me with those three words “I need help!”.  I thought I was ready to help my daughter tackle the mountains of teenage life but I was completely wrong when it came to an ED (eating disorder).  I had no idea where to go or how to start helping her.  After combing and calling through a list of therapist online, Dr. Jeanine Pontes-Boelter was the only therapist that called me back after our initial call as a follow up to ensure that I was going to find a therapist for my daughter and explained the seriousness of this disease. She gave me a lot of advice and that is when I knew she really cared and was extremely experienced.  Dr. Jeanine was able to assess my daughter’s ED severity and recommended us to also see a medical doctor who specializes in eating disorders as well as a nutritionist.  Dr. Jeanine worked with my daughter and this support team continuously in which allowed us to jump on board quickly without wasting time and furthering my daughter’s recovery. We had many family sessions which helped us all understand what she is going through and decided on a treatment plan as a family.  Dr. Jeanine is truly a blessing and has saved my daughter’s life…..and has helped my family overall.  She follows up with my daughter on a regular basis especially during stressful times and has given my daughter the tools on how to cope, recognize, and avoid any pitfalls that may lead her back to her ED. "

– Sabrina, Mother of a Teenage Client

"Jeanine has been lovely to work with. She is not afraid of complicated situations, which is very reassuring when you're a busy working mom with a lot going on! She made me feel so comfortable from our very first meeting, and she has been kind and supportive while also offering guidance as needed. I'm thrilled to have found someone who has such a broad range of expertise, from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to nutrition. Most importantly, she doesn't feel the need to "fix" or pathologize when all that is needed is support and reassurance -- and conversely, she's not afraid to give a little push when one is needed. I appreciate Jeanine and highly recommend her to other prospective clients!"

​- Working Mom

"As someone who has struggled with mental illness (OCD and anorexia) for almost half of their life, I have seen my fair share of therapists. In the past, my mom would ask me after I was a few sessions in with a new provider if I, "felt like they were helping." Each time, I would be unsure of the answer until eventually the anxiety of whatever I was trying to tackle - whether it be weight gain, a phobia, etc. - would become such a heavy burden that I would break down and give up, slipping back into my old routine. I now realize, after working with Jeanine for almost a year, what it actually feels like when therapy is helping. My mom encouraged me to pick myself back up and keep searching until I "found the right person" for me. Truthfully, I did not think that "right person" was out there, but I can confidently say that Dr. Jeanine Pontes-Boelter is my person. Jeanine's clear understanding of various psychological issues, coupled with her genuine care and compassion, makes her far and away not only the best therapist, but the best provider I have been to in the journey to overcome my eating disorder. Instead of having to explain my thought process and internal battles to her, I often feel she understands them better than I do myself, and can help me verbalize my struggles and anxiety in order to work through them. She anticipates issues before they arise, helping to problem solve before things truly become "problems"- anyone who has history with an eating disorder can attest to the fact that this is huge, as any minor cause for anxiety is left unattended to, can lead big setbacks. In addition, Jeanine truly cares for her clients. It's hard to open up and trust someone when you feel that it's simply their job to listen, but it is obvious that for Jeanine this is much more than a job. She has been my advocate, cheerleader, voice of reason, and so much more. My only complaint is that because I am making so much progress with her, there is a very likely possibility I won't need to see her forever, and I will definitely miss seeing her every week when that day comes!"

- ​Rachel, Age 23